Table of Contents: Oncotarget’s Volume 12, Issue #6

Read short summaries of the latest research literature published by Oncotarget.

Read a short summary of the latest research papers published by Oncotarget.
Read short summaries of the latest research papers published by Oncotarget.
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Oncotarget’s Volume 12, Issue #6

New Publications

Cover (Research Paper): Genomic and neoantigen evolution from primary tumor to first metastases in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Origin: Missouri, New York, United States

Institutions: Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia University, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Siteman Cancer Center

Quote: “We characterized genomic and neoantigen changes between 23 paired primary and recurrent HNSCC tumors. Twenty-three biopsies from patients originally diagnosed with locally advanced disease were identified from the Washington University tumor bank.”

Editorial Paper: Innovating and expanding weight loss strategies for breast cancer survivors

Origin: Maryland, United States

Institution: Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Quote: “Compared to those with ideal body weight, women who have excess weight experience inferior outcomes once diagnosed with breast cancer, despite standard local and adjuvant therapy [6].”

Research Perspective: Pancreatic cancer driver mutations are targetable through distant alternative RNA splicing dependencies

Origin: Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, United States

Institutions: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine and Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Yale University, Stony Brook University Renaissance School of Medicine

Quote: “Here, we review PDAC pathogenesis as it relates to fundamental ARS [Alternative RNA splicing] biology, with an extension to implications for PDAC patient clinical management.”

Research Paper: A high-content AlphaScreen™ identifies E6-specific small molecule inhibitors as potential therapeutics for HPV+ head and neck squamous cell carcinomas

Origin: California, Kansas, United States

Institutions: Loma Linda University, University of Kansas

Quote: “Herein we describe our search for small molecule inhibitors that disrupt binding of E6 to caspase 8 using AlphaScreen technology™ (Perkin Elmer, Waltham, MA). This technology is a proximity-based platform for identifying hit compounds that perturb a specific interaction between two beaded proteins. Using this approach, we interrogated a library of over 5000 small molecules for compounds that antagonize E6 binding to caspase 8.”

Research Paper: Characterization of the inflammatory microenvironment and hepatic macrophage subsets in experimental hepatocellular carcinoma models

Origin: Ghent, Belgium

Institution: Ghent University

Quote: “Here, we characterized the tumor microenvironment and the proportion and transcriptional profile of hepatic macrophages (Mφ) in two commonly used HCC mouse models.”

Research Paper: Molecular characterization of lung squamous cell carcinoma tumors reveals therapeutically relevant alterations

Origin: Maharashtra, Mumbai, India; Budapest, Hungary

Institutions: Tata Memorial Centre, Homi Bhabha National Institute

Quote: “We performed survival analyses of lung squamous cell carcinoma patients harboring therapeutically relevant alterations identified by whole exome sequencing and mass spectrometry-based validation across 430 lung squamous tumors.”

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