Oncotarget Testimonial: Dr. Yves Chabu

Below is a transcript of the testimonial by Dr. Yves Chabu about his experience publishing the paper, “Evaluations of CRC2631 toxicity, tumor colonization, and genetic stability in the TRAMP prostate cancer model,” with Oncotarget.

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Dr. Yves Chabu

Great. Well, we selected Oncotarget. So for me, the way I looked at it, if you look at the content that you’re publishing, there’s definitely some really robust and interesting science there.

And I was pleased with the review process. It didn’t feel like the reviewers … let me put it this other way, so it feels like the reviewers had genuine interest in the work and it was very fair.

I mean, again, this was in the middle of the pandemic, when we first submitted this. I just felt like they were responsive from when we submitted a manuscript to when we got the reviews back. And I also think that the chief editor was very reasonable, and I just wish that many other journals would actually do that.

So it was overall a very pleasant experience. Again, we chose it for its contents. There’s some good papers that were published, even on this type of approach, in Oncotarget. Also the review process, like I said, was really fair. It did not unnecessarily protract it. So it was fair, fast enough, and the editor was very, very fair with us.

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